Building Studies Building – Bournemouth 

An existing new build, this contract was a fit out to meet the requirements of Bournemouth University.

An eight storey building with works on each floor, comprising the removal, storage and subsequent replacement of existing ceilings.  Construction of new lecture theatres including curved walls, formation of new stores, kitchens and reading areas.  Sound issues led to voids above ceilings and below raised floors being infilled.

The ground floor required a new toilet block constructed with metal stud partitions and new ceilings throughout.

New ceilings comprised tiles from Ecophon Ltd including Advantage tegular; Gamma & Alpha tegular; Hygiene square edge, all in a white 24mm exposed grid system. 

A number of access panels were required to gain access to voids. 

Start Date   December 2008  Completion Date March 2009 
Value of work  £100k  Workforce   4/6 
Main Contractor LSC Limited


Pampurred Pets – Romsey

The latest in an ongoing expansion of this chain.

A retail shell below a block of flats in the centre of this busy town had to have a suspended ceiling which was both economical and functional.

The system had to meet the requirements of a 46 dB level to protect the flats above.

A British Gypsum 600 x 600 Casprano Roc tile in a white 24mm exposed grid system.

Changes of level were formed in plasterboard and columns boxed to hide services.

Cavity barriers in the void were installed to meet fire regulations.

Dry lining to toilet areas were completed with a taped and jointed finish.

Start date  December 2008 Completion Date December 2008 
Value of work £10k   Workforce  2/3 
Main Contractor Adrian Gibson Ltd

Haskins Garden Centre

An extension to an existing building the result was a 1500 sqm restaurant/café area including kitchen, toilets and offices.

Formation of rooms using metal stud partitions and plasterboard finished with taping and jointing often to a height in excess of 6m.

The use of scissor lifts was necessary due to the complexity of the roof structure and services.

Suspended ceilings to areas were as follows:- 
      Kitchen 600 x 600 Bioguard  - 24mm grid system
      Toilet  600 x 600  Ultima Microlook - 15mm grid system
      Offices 600 x 600  Ultima tegular  - 24mm grid system
      Lobbies MF ceiling – taped and jointed finish

All ceilings were installed from a sub-grid matrix again necessitated by the roof structure and services.

The main features of the restaurant area are the circular and rectangular rafts, hung on wires from a unistrut sub-grid.

This work was very detailed, and involved an on site carpentry workshop to form the various shapes which were then clad with plasterboard and jointed.

Start date  June 2008  Completion date September 2008
Value of works £85k   Workforce  4/8
Main Contractor Vear Construction Ltd

Link House – Poole

This established former Exchange & Mart building was transformed from a seventies shell into an ultra  modern office building.

Our works involved a complete refit of walls and ceilings to offices, lift lobbies, stairwells and toilets.

The building comprising five floors each with two wings (with the exception of the 4th floor) totalled 4000 sqm.

Plasterboard linings to curtain walling together with all columns and rainwater pipes with a skim finish were complemented with new 600 x 600 AMF Thermatex ceiling tiles in a white 24mm exposed grid system.

MF ceilings were installed to toilets and cleaners areas together with a feature MF ceiling to the reception area.

Existing walls were re-plastered and metal stud partitions used to form ground floor toilets.

Cavity barriers to ceiling voids.

Start date  April 2008  Completion date October 2008 
Value of works £255k   Workforce  8/16 
Main Contractor G & H Construction Ltd

BMW/Mini – Wallisdown, Bournemouth


We were contracted to carry out the internal fit out of an existing building, which comprised of plasterboard on metal studwork to all perimeters, together with metal stud separating walls (both single stud and twin stud) with various sound and fire ratings.

The design of the ceilings to the main BMW showroom were intricate in detail with basic plasterboard and lay in grid materials, featuring many different levels with accessible zones for services.

A vast area of MF ceilings, which we chose to tape and joint has many changes in level and bulkheads at junctions between the concealed MF system and 600 x 600 Armstrong Dune Tegular tile in a white 24mm exposed grid system with black shadow batten to all perimeters.

Cavity barriers in the void complete the work elements of this building.


Again, perimeters of the building were plasterboard on metal studwork and metal stud separating walls.

The ceilings in this building were extremely complex with a mix of black Ecophon Sombra square edge tiles in black 24m exposed grid system, SAS high gloss clip in accessible metal tray panels in a concealed metal grid system with plasterboard margins and shadow batten to all junctions/interfaces.

Start date  April 2008  Completion date August 2008 
Value of works £100k   Workforce  6/8 
Main Contractor  LSC Limited

Travelodge – Woking

This project required a great deal of manpower as it was a refurbishment of an existing hotel which had to meet the high standards/requirements of the Travelodge brand.

In many parts, the 120 bedroom, five storey building was gutted and rebuilt from the inside out.

A complex programme involved working at one point on all levels with new walls, over boarding and making good to all areas.  New ceilings were installed to cover services in the majority of rooms and in all public areas i.e. bar, café, reception, corridors and lift lobbies.

To meet sound/fire requirements separating walls between bedrooms had to be build to an exact standard and finish.

All walls were skimmed to blend in with the considerable making good carried out.

All plasterboard ceilings were taped and jointed.

The accessible ceilings were 600 x 600 Armstrong Dune Microlook tiles in a 15mm exposed grid system.

Start date  May 2008  Completion date  October 2008 
Value of works £220k   Workforce  18/30 
Main Contractor G & H Construction Ltd 

Ceiling and Partition Installations Limited

In May 1988, after ten years in the industry with LI Ceilings Ltd, Warwick Robbins set up Ceiling Installations Limited.

A year on year growth led us to expand the name to Ceiling and Partition Installations Limited to ensure prospective clients understood we undertook both elements of these interior finishings.

We have worked all over the British Isles, including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland, Spain and France, for both main contractors and clients   direct.  We pride ourselves on the “hands on“ approach and continue to build relationships with contractors who regularly re use our services.

Given the prospective crunch times ahead, we are confident of maintaining a level of competitive pricing together with a quality finish and first class service.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.